Insure your factory, warehouse, grocery or local business

Multy-risk policy

Covers accidental, sudden, and unexpected loss or material damage to the property insured agains fire, Earthcuake and Theft among others.

Insure the products and valuables you transport

Transportation insurance policy

This insurance covers damage or loss suffered by the insured property during transport, according to contract protections.

Insure your car or motorcycle

Auto insurance policy

This insurance has the following protections:

  • Liability : covers death or injury to one or more persons and damage to property of others
  • Partial or total loss by damage
  • Partial or total loss by theft
  • Earthquake
  • Legal Assistance
  • Spousal Support

SOAT (mandatory insurance of traffic accidents)

Ask about your mandatory insurance and we remind you of the expiration

Ensures the immediate and unconditional attention of victims of traffic accidents who suffer bodily injury and death..


According to Co-ownership Law 675 of 2001 , co-ownerships are obliged to ensure co-owned properties at least against Fire and Earthquake risks.

It is important to have an update assessment to establish the insured value.

Insure your house

Household comprehensive policy

Covers losses or damages to the building and its contents against Fire, Earthquake,Theft, and Electronics among others.



Compliance policy

It is a bond that protects the Insured against damage caused by non-compliance of contractual obligations.

Directors and officers liability insurance ( D&O)

Protects the personal assets of Directors and Officers of companies facing claims from shareholders, suppliers, customers or employees arising from negligent acts committed due to decisions made in the exercise of the functions defined in Law 222 of 1995.

Infidelity and financial risk insurance (IRF)

It protects the assets of the company against its own employees infidelity, third party fraud, and computer theft among other coverages.

Credit insurance

Credit insurance is a product designed to compensate businesses the extend credit to buyers of their goods and services for non-payment of such claims.

Liability insurance

Protects the assets of the insured against third party claims.

Professional liability insurance

Covers professionals against claims brought against them by the economic losses arising from the services they provide to their clients.

Loss of profits insurance

Ensures money, income or rent that a person or company forgoes as a result of injury or damage.

Cyber Insurance

The Cyber Insurance protects the organization against events such as unavailability of its systems, violation of personal data or confidential information, data corruption, ransomware (data hijacking) and publication of electronic content, covering both liability against third parties, such as own losses for malicious acts or for failure in the diligence.



Life insurance

Seeks to ensure the protection of the person the Insured has under coverage. In the event of the insured person´s death, beneficiaries or heirs have access to indemnification/compensation.

Debtor life insurance

In case of death, the total outstanding value of debt acquired by the Insured will be canceled.

Hospitalization and surgery insurance policy

This insurance protects the insured when unforeseen health problems and accidents occur and where hospitalization or outpatient surgical treatment necessary.

Personal accident insurance policy

Covers death and/or Partial Disability and/or Total Permanent Disability caused by an accident.