About Us



Provide reassurance to its clients by providing insurance brokerage services through personalized attention and constant advice, building trust and credibility.



Continue to share knowledge and advice with our clients to maintain a position within the National and International Insurance Market , increasingly consolidating our image.


Quality and work health and safety policy

Our policy is to meet the expectations of its clients in terms of risk protection by means of the development of specific quality processes. Our company follow an effective framework approach to deploy a continuous improvement program under the current legal regulations and requirements, relying always on a committed, adequate and effective workforce.

One of our company´s main priorities is the implementation and development of a HEALTH AND WORK SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM with management support aimed at ensuring the complete physical, mental and social well-being of workers, contractors and subcontractors. This purpose is achieved by providing safe and adequate workplaces, and minimizing work-related accidents and occupational diseases for the sake of our company and workers.

Our general parameters for the purpose of achieving the above-mentioned goal are:

  • Comply with all current legal regulations in Colombia regarding Occupational Health and Integral Safety.
  • Seek to maintain the physical and mental well-being of all the company’s workers.
  • All management levels are responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.
  • All workers are responsible for their own safety, and also for the safety of their staff members and company.
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment and control will be the top priorities in the development of any job-related activities.